5 More Great Movies From Marvel To Screen In 2023 2024

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In this article, we shared with you a detailed movie description about the movie that will start broadcasting this week. 5 More Great Movies From Marvel To Screen In 2023 You can find answers such as the movie that will start broadcasting in 2024 in our article.

Marvel Film Company is preparing to further develop its cinematic universe. It is planned to show fans of the brand many interesting projects, some of which are not yet known.

However, it is known about others, five of which are included in my material. I present to you a selection of interesting films that await us in the coming (and not so) months.

Note: Marvel Studios itself has yet to decide on the release dates for these projects, so I can’t tell you the details at this point. Table of Contents

Thunderbolts is MS‘ somewhat belated response to DC’s Suicide Squad. There we will talk about a group of supervillains or antiheroes who, like rivals, work for the authorities and do the dirtiest jobs for them.

Members of the group will include the Winter Soldier, Elena Belova (Natasha’s sister, new Black Widow), Red Guardian, Taskmaster, Countess Valentina Alegra, Ghost, and Captain USA (yes, the one Steve tried without failing to replace him). Perhaps they will be accompanied by Baron Zemo, but the final list of participants in the film is not yet known.

Armored Wars

“Armored Wars” was originally going to be a TV series, but its fate was in doubt. At first they planned to make a continuation of the story about Tony Stark, then – to dedicate it to Rhodey and Riri Williams. Many thought that the project was canceled altogether, but Kevin Feige recently said that everything was fine with him.

War Machine and Ironheart will definitely be in the movie, and Justin Hammer will also be in the movie. And possibly in “BV” we will be shown the return of Iron Man, or who will eventually replace him.

Spider man 4

After the success of No Way Home, no one doubted that the sequel was waiting for us. Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, returns to his hometown of New York with new experiences and new experiences, and the next villain must save him.

They’re likely to be venom. It’s not just recently that MS introduced this character to the Spidey universe. By the standard, playing the role of Eddie Brock will be everyone’s favorite Tom Hardy, so we’re in for an unforgettable show.

X Men

Currently, Disney has plans for the next movie in the X-Men universe, but it won’t be released immediately due to copyright issues. When unraveled, the famous mutants will definitely remind themselves by appearing in a new movie based on the legendary franchise.

Most likely, the novelty will be released after the movie „Deadpool 3“, in which Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine will be part of the MCU. The new movie “X-Men” is intended to be the first if not one of the first major projects of the sixth phase.

Namor Submarine

And finally, a movie about one of the iconic Marvel villains, Namor. This character was introduced to us in the movie „Wakanda Forever„, where he once again tried to anger his enemies from the inhabitants of the land, but did not succeed, as expected.

The writers are planning to make a solo movie about him. True, there is no information about the movie. We are waiting for the official announcement and we have an approximate release date – 2024.

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